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Gifted (2014)

2014 English. 103 Min.
Rating: 5.6


Min-soo has lost his job to a very awkward moment. His fiancé is planning to built her own café with his help. Min-soo searches everywhere but all his efforts are unsuccessfully. Therefore his soon to be brother-in-law is able to help. He recruits Min-soo for the organization he is working for. As a mechanic, Min-soo starts to steal cars, which he is doing very successfully. But on one evening, he gets enraged and kills a man. But Min-soo isn't shocked or sad, he is getting curios and starts to enjoy violence and murder. Finally, his fiancé learns about his unemployment and threatens to leave. She doesn't know about Min-soo's dark side, which is now fully breaking loose..



Jai-hong Juhn, Jaihong Juhn


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